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1. Meerkat Streams

Aggregated Meerkat streams in one place for your viewing pleasure.

2. Meerkat List

Meerkat List helps you find the most recent Meerkat streams. Explore Meerkat streams without wasting time searching them on Twitter anymore.

3. Meerkat Stats

Analytics for Meerkat. Learn about your audience.

4. Watch Meerkat

Watch Popular Meerkat Streams Anonymously

5. Yo Meerkat

Get a Yo with the live stream when your friends on twitter start a Meerkat

6. Meer-katalytics

Complete analytics for all Meerkats

7. Meerkat-Unofficial Android App

Meerkat-Unofficial watcher app

8. #lookats

The meerkat and periscope streams browser & search engine

9. Meerkatch

The best live & upcoming Meerkat streams

10. Meerkat Hunt

Search for live Meerkasts!

11. Suricate

Discover and Promote Interesting Meerkat Livestreams. Community Curated Livestreams Covering Events, AMAs, Classes and More

12. Meerpod

A Meerkat Mount and Bottle Opener

13. Meerkat Map

Meerkat Meerkasts Map

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